Last night I was boiling some rice and every time I see steam I can’t help but grab a little piece of bamboo and bend it into shape. After dinner I finished it off and I think it is the nicest “boo ring” I made so far.

It seems to be the perfect size for myself and I’ve been wearing it since last night – it is incredibly light and comfortable.

Will this boo ring survive countless hours in sinks, bath tubs, pools, oceans, dough and mud, and a life time of making and playing?

Time will tell…

Starting small – bamboo rings

During my last visit in KZN I harvested some black bamboo from a friend’s garden  and started crafting small things – here’s the probably smallest of things I made so far:

This one here is a tiny bit larger – I really don’t know which one I prefer to wear now.

Welcome to my blog!

A few years ago I deeply fell in love with bamboo for its

  • beautiful sight, sound and touch
  • infinite creative potential
  • fast and sustainable growth
  • strength and flexibility
  • regenerative power
  • socio-economic value
  • philosophy

and since then have been investing most of my spare time into online research,  developing a growing vision of sustainable livelihoods and raising funds working as a freelance musician/tutor/composer/musical director in UK.

In August 2015 my vision started to become reality when I planted 64 bamboo seedlings on a piece of land in the subtropical coastal climate of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

In this blog I will share my experiments, experiences, successes and failures for you all to enjoy at your leisure.

I am also sharing the most fascinating and valuable bamboo facts and knowledge I came across during my online research on Facebook, stay tuned by liking my page and joining the group @BambooWoman.