A growing vision. Creative infinity. A long term experiment.

5 tropical/subtropical bamboo species in a subtropical coastal climate.

Planted in August 2015, some of my 64 bamboo babies are already turning into gracious giants and I am hugely excited to explore dozens of practical bamboo uses soon.

Meanwhile I keep on studying bamboo online, experimenting with crafting little things in my UK bedsit, and trying to earn some more money as a musician and facilitator to be able to continue to travel to KZN and manage this project. I also want to travel to Asia to learn from the real masters of various bamboo crafts and arts in order to make, play, build and propagate and to then pass on skills, knowledge and bamboo passion in the future, while continuously sharing my journey online. Most fascinating for me as a musician is of course the possibility to grow and make my own musical instruments, I can’t wait for the first harvest soon.

I also started planting any indigenous edible perennials and I could get hold of so far, to create an edible forest garden based on biodynamic permaculture principles. I totally dig the no-dig approach and already had rather unexpected success with sweet potatoes from my first H├╝gelkultur.

I will be sharing more about my big dreams, footage of growth, experiments and process as I go along and hope you’ll find it as fascinating and uplifting as I do.